Configure/Set-Up a Motrr Galileo

WARNING! Galileo has been discontinued by its manufacturer and is no longer supported. We have chosen to leave this article in place for any customers who have previously used a Galileo device prior to its discontinuation.

The Galileo is a robotic dock for iPhone and iPod Touch that acts as a remote camera operator for your productions. The Galileo comes in both 30-pin and Bluetooth versions.

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Before you begin this tutorial, make sure all of your devices are on the same WiFi network.

  1. If you are using the Bluetooth version of the Galileo, also enable Bluetooth in your phone’s Settings using the "Bluetooth" menu. You can also enable Bluetooth from the Control Center menu by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen.
  2. Now, on the device you’re going to connect to the Galileo, go into your “Settings”, scroll down to the “Switcher” app icon and tap it to open the App's Settings. Find “GALILEO” in this menu and enable “Auto-Detection”.
    (If you are using Motrr’s iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 adapter, you should also take this opportunity to change your “Device Orientation” to “Inverted”. This is under the “Switcher Settings” section. This will ensure that your video will display correctly when running your production.)
  3. Next, open Switcher Studio on the iPhone that you will be connecting to the Galileo dock. Select “Use as Camera” from the splash screen menu.
  4. Twist the bottom of the Galileo to power it on. A message will appear on your iPhone telling you that "Galileo would like to connect". Simply Tap “Connect”. Now, you can mount your iPhone or iPod Touch into the Galileo. Carefully rotate the upper tier into position so that both pan and tilt can be controlled.
  5. Next, open Switcher Studio on your main switching device. In the “Inputs” tab, select your iPhone to establish the connection. Accept the invitation on the iPhone if necessary.
  6. On the iPad, in the bottom-left panel, tap the camera square corresponding to your iPhone. The video coming from the iPhone's camera will appear in the Preview pane in the top-left. A white label with the text "Galileo" will also appear at the bottom of this preview window. Now, you can simply touch and drag the video in the preview pane to remotely control the Galileo.

So, now you know how to pair your phone with the Motrr Galileo and use it in a multi-camera production. You can connect up to 3 Galileos to remotely control unmanned cameras.

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