Importing Media through Google Drive and Dropbox

You can easily get images and videos from your google drive and dropbox accounts into Switcher Studio.

Begin by downloading the dropbox and google drive apps to your iOS device if you have not done so already.

Let’s start with Google Drive first.

Open Google Drive on the iOS device. Navigate the app until you find the graphic or video you want to bring in. Tap on the asset to import. Both pictures and videos can be imported.

In the upper right you will see an icon of three vertical dots. Tap there.

Now tap on “Open in”.

Scroll over until you see “Import with Switcher”. Tap on the Switcher icon.

Switcher Studio open. Navigate to the graphics tab as you would normally do to add an asset. Tap the plus button in the middle right.

This time, look under Imported Images.

The image is now available to bring into your productions. Tap on the image you wish to import. Note that graphic files you bring in from both Dropbox and Google drive will show up in this folder.

Now that we have brought in a graphic through Google Drive, let’s take a look at a video file through Dropbox.

If you didn’t do it before, download the Dropbox app now, then open and login to your account. Like Google Drive, both videos and graphics can be chosen. Tap on the asset you wish to import.

Now tap on the horizontal three dots in the upper right corner.

Choose the Export option.

Now tap on the “Open In…” icon.

The video will start to export.

Scroll to the right until you see “Import with Switcher”

The file is now in Switcher Studio.

Back in the Assets selection from the Graphic Elements tab, this time choose “Imported Video” under Switcher Studio.

The video you imported will be available. Tap on the video asset.

Next, tap done in the upper right.

Sending the video to the live panel will start the video.

Videos brought in through Google Drive will also show up in this folder.

Assets brought in through Google Drive and Dropbox can only be imported one at a time.