Inserting Images, Lower Thirds, & Corner Bugs.

When you enter a graphic into Switcher Studio you have three different choices.

1.) Uss as Image
2.) Use as Lower Third
3.) Use as Corner Bug

When choosing “Use as Image,” The image will be brought in as a full screen image.

Choosing “Use as Lower Third” will automatically resize your image to the bottom of the screen as you would normally see a lower third. You can still move the image around from this screen. This image will be used as an overlay allowing you to place it on top of other sources.

Choosing “Use as Corner Bug” will resize the image to the bottom right corner. Like the “Use as Lower Third” option, you will be able to resize the image by pinching in and out as well as drag the image around the screen to place it where you want it. The Corner Bug is also an overlay able to be placed on top of other sources.