Creating An Account

When you first open the Switcher Studio app, you will be greeted with three options. These will all allow you access into the app.

Option #1: Log In

If you tap on "Log In", you will be taken to a screen where you can enter in the email address and associated password used for your Switcher Studio account.

After this, you will be taken into the main app.

This option should be used only on the main switching device. The rest of your devices should use Option #3 below.

Option #2: Create Account

If you do not currently have a Switcher Studio account, you can create one with this option. Enter in your desired email address and a password for the account, and you're all set!

You can also create an account by going to our website and selecting "Get Started".

Option #3: Remote Camera Mode

If you are going to use this particular device as a remote camera only, select this option. You can then use the main switching device that you are logged in with to connect this camera to your device.