Adding Channels - Using The Dashboard

Switcher Studio users can easily manage streaming channels online via their account dashboard.

Input "Channel Settings" Information


Login to your dashboard to access your Switcher Studio account.


Open the Channel Settings menu, and click the "+Add Channel" button.


Give your channel a Nickname, and paste in the values for your channel's RTMP settings.

Adjust The Quality Of Your LiveStream

Click the "Speed Test" button to run a speed test and automatically pick the best quality for your stream.

If you prefer to choose your own settings, click on the "Manual Configuration" button to select a Video Resolution and Bitrate for your channel using the dropdown menus. You can manually adjust the Video Resolution and Bitrate to optimize your stream based on the quality of your Internet connection.

You may also configure these values automatically by selecting one of the presets in the "+Add Channel" dialog window under the "Manual Configuration" options.

Save Changes And Sync

When you have finished creating and configuring your new channel, click the "Save Channel" button. After saving, open Switcher and tap the "Outputs" tab. Swipe down on the menu to refresh your channels and sync the app with your Switcher Studio dashboard.

You may also add channels within the app by tapping the "+" icon within the "Outputs" menu. Channels created within the app will also be synchronized with your online dashboard. Likewise, any channels deleted from either location will be deleted from the other location whenever the app is synced with the dashboard.