Adding Channels - Inside The App

Configuring Channels


Launch Switcher on your main switching device. Select "Use As Switcher".


Open the “Outputs” tab (second tab on the bottom right panel).


Select “Streaming Video Platform” or tap the "i" button on the right.


Add a new channel by tapping the "+" button at the top right. Start by giving your channel a unique nickname.


In the “SERVER URL” field, enter the text value shown from your streaming provider that begins with "rtmp://".


In the “STREAM” field, enter the text value shown from your streaming provider. This is sometimes referred to as the "stream key" or "stream ID".


Optionally, you can set your VIDEO FORMAT, VIDEO BITRATE, and AUDIO FORMAT based on the specifics of your Internet connection and your Streaming Video Platform.


Tap “OK” at the top left to save and close the Parameters for your new Channel.


You are now ready to stream! Connect all your devices, and then tap “Rec + Broadcast” to start streaming.

Deleting Channels


To delete a channel, open the "RTMP Channels" menu by using steps 1-3 as mentioned above.


Swipe LEFT on the channel you would like to delete to expose the "Delete" button.


Tap Delete, and the channel will be permanently deleted.

NOTE that Channels created within the app will also be synchronized with your online dashboard (Switcher Studio users only). Likewise, any channels deleted from either location will be deleted from the other location whenever the app is synced with the dashboard.