Connecting Devices

It is easy to connect your devices together using Switcher Studio!

Connect All Devices To The Same WiFi Network

Because Switcher Studio works using a wireless network, it is important to make sure each device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network before doing anything else.

Launch The App On Each Device

Once you open the app on each device, a Welcome Screen appears that will ask you how Switcher will be using the device. A device cam be used as a dedicated camera, or it can be used as both the main switching device & camera Angle 1.

Tap "Use As Switcher" on the device to be used as the switcher. Sign in with your Switcher Studio credentials onto this device.

Tap "Remote Camera Mode" on up to 3 additional camera devices. You will not need to sign in for these devices.

Select Additional Cameras From The Primary Switching Device

On the main switching device, look in the "Inputs" tab under "Cameras On Your WiFi Network".

Tap a device to add it to your production. A blue checkmark indicates a successful connection.

If a device doesn't show up in the list, you can manually add it by using the device's unique rlcc:// address.

Tap the "Other..." option from the list then tap "Connect To URL". Enter the rlcc:// address of any devices you would like to connect.

Select Additional Cameras From The Sources Panel

Tap on the box with the blue “+” sign from the bottom of the Sources Panel.

Under the second section, “Switcher Studio”, select “Cameras”.

Tap on the desired camera source.

That source will now appear in the Sources Panel beside the original camera(s).

Using A Mac For Screensharing?

We have a free screensharing program called SwitcherCast, which allows you to bring in your Mac's display as an additional camera source! This is often used to conduct remote interviews via Skype or to bring in a PowerPoint Presentation during a broadcast.

You can download SwitcherCast by clicking HERE.