Connecting Devices

It is easy to connect your devices together using Switcher Studio!

Connect All Devices To The Same WiFi Network

Because Switcher Studio works using a wireless network, it is important to make sure each device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network before doing anything else.

Launch The App On Each Device

Once you open the app on each device, a Welcome Screen appears that will ask you how Switcher will be using the device. A device cam be used as a dedicated camera, or it can be used as both the main switching device & camera Angle 1.

Tap "Use As Switcher" on the device to be used as the switcher.

Tap "Use As Camera" on up to 3 additional camera devices.

Select Additional Cameras From The Primary Switching Device

On the main switching device, look in the "Inputs" tab under "Cameras On Your WiFi Network".

Tap a device to add it to your production. A blue checkmark indicates a successful connection.

If a device doesn't show up in the list, you can manually add it by using the devices unique rlcc:// address.

Tap the "Other..." option from the list then tap "Connect To URL". Enter the rlcc:// address of any devices you would like to connect.