Rec + Broadcast

Select Your “Output Destination”

Tap the "Outputs" tab in the blue navigation menu.

For Live broadcasting via the Internet, tap "Streaming Video Platform" to select it as your destination.

Sync Your Channel Settings And Choose Your Default Location

Tap the blue "i" icon and swipe down on the menu to sync your channels with your dashboard.

Select a channel from the list. This channel will be set to the default streaming destination whenever you tap "Streaming Video Platform" in the future.

Tap "Rec+Broadcast" To Go Live

If "Streaming Video Platform" is selected, the "Live" video output will be wirelessly broadcast via the Internet to the RTMP channel of your choosing. Switcher Studio will also record the video output of your production to the main switching device.

If "Local Recording Only" is selected, the app will not broadcast video and instead, will only record the video locally on the switching device

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