Adding Channels - Inside The App

Linking to Facebook, YouTube and other channels is easy to do in Switcher Studio. 

In this guide we will link our Facebook account, other platforms like YouTube require a very similar process.

Open the Switcher Studio app. You will already be on the Outputs tab. Tap on the blue “+” sign next to the word “Outputs”.

Choose the platform you would like to link. In this case we will tap on Facebook.

Tap on “Login To Facebook”.

Sign in with your Facebook Live credentials. These are the same credentials that you use to sign into the normal Facebook website or the Facebook app.

You are now signed into Facebook Live and create an event to stream to with Switcher Studio’s services.

If you are wanting to stream to another platform (such as Periscope or Twitch), you will need to use the RTMP values from that platform. You can learn more about using RTMP values with Switcher Studio by  following the steps in this guide.

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