Recording, Streaming, And Both

Are You Recording, Streaming, Or Both?

  • Navigate to the Outputs tab in Switcher

  • If you are streaming, choose the platform you will be streaming to.
    • Facebook - will prompt you to create a event.
    • YouTube - will prompt you to create a live event.
    • Custom RTMP - if you are scheduling a Facebook live or streaming to another video player.

  • If you are recording only select "None" in the broadcasting options.

  • While streaming, you can also decide if you want the stream recorded locally or not.
    • Scroll down and tap on "Advanced Settings"

    • From here you can toggle the recordings as well as adjust the quality of the recordings.

Tap The Red Button To Go Live

  • Once you have your video all set up, tap the red button in the upper right to go live!

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