How Do I Add Photos And Overlays From My Camera Roll?

With a Switcher Studio account, you can add graphic elements to your production that are in JPG or PNG format. A PNG graphic has the added benefit of supporting transparency. This is commonly shown with a gray and white checker pattern as shown below.

A PNG can act as an overlayed image. An example of this would be a corner bug or a lower-third graphic like the one above. You should prepare your graphics in advance and save them to your device.

A simple way to do this would be to email them to yourself and then save them to the camera roll. From your email, long press the image, then tap "Save Image" to add it to your camera roll.


To add graphics to your production, tap the “Star” icon (bottom-right corner). Next, tap the “Plus” icon on the right to add a picture.


Tap "Recently Added" or any of your albums to add images into your Switcher Studio Workflow.


Tap the picture you would like to add.


A menu will appear allowing you to chose what kind of graphic this image will be. If the image will be used as a lower third or a corner bug, Tap "Use as Overlay".


Use two fingers to resize the image and position it to its location. Enable "Apply on Preview" to preview overlays before they go live. Otherwise, these graphics will go Live each time you tap them in the Graphic Elements menu.

As a general rule, lower-third graphics should have "Apply on Preview" enabled and corner bug graphics should not.


The picture will now be a selectable source. Tap on the picture thumbnail to add it to the preview video window.