Understanding "Transferring To Server"

When using a streaming service like Switcher Studio, a slight delay will occur between what you are doing in front of the camera and when your audience sees it. Audiences are used to this delay, and it is normal.

Live streams run around 30-60 seconds behind real-time, since so much data is being processed through servers. When you finish your Facebook Live broadcast by tapping "Rec+Broadcast" (so that the red highlight goes away), your video will then need to process. This is standard for all streaming platforms, not just Switcher Studio.

This means when you stop the broadcast inside of our app, you will still see the stream running for that 30-60 seconds as the stream also finishes for your audience. If this were not the case, someone speaking on the broadcast could be cut off mid-speech if it stopped automatically with the app.

After your broadcast is over, Facebook will need to compile and archive your data. It will then say "Broadcast has been interrupted" while Facebook compiles the data onto their server. The amount of time this takes depends on the length of your broadcast.

For a 5-10 minute broadcast, your video will be archived and available for rewatch on Facebook within minutes. For a 2-3 hour broadcast, it may take 20-30 minutes to archive. This is all on Facebook's server, and again it depends on the length of the broadcast.

While your broadcast is archiving, you will see a message that says "Transferring To Server" on your Switcher Studio screen. Do not close out of this message. If you do, your broadcast will not be fully archived, and it will be cut off mid-stream.

In situations where you have a smaller bandwidth range to use, the delay while live and processing post-broadcast can be even greater. If you are experiencing these issues, make sure that you are using our recommended networking settings. You can make changes to these settings yourself by logging into your wireless network, or you can contact your Internet Service Provider, and they will do it for you!

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