What Frame Rate Does Switcher Studio Use To Record?

By default, iOS records at a variable frame rate. With Switcher Studio, you can set a fixed frame rate for your recording that is applied when using Director Mode.

When you assign a fixed frame rate, the settings will be applied to the final mixed composition. This is helpful if you need to create a capture that matches the frame rate requirements for your region’s color encoding system (NTSC, PAL, SECAM).


To assign a frame rate, tap the “Settings” icon on your iOS device.


On the left, scroll down and select “Switcher Pro” from the list.


Scroll down until you find the section for “Frame Rate,” and tap it.


Select the Frame Rate you would like to assign. NTSC typically uses 30 FPS while PAL typically uses 25.

Switcher Studio will now record at the constant frame you assigned when Director Mode is enabled. The fixed frame rate is applied to the final rendered composition in the Recorded Media Bin.

If you need to edit each angle with fixed frame rates see our article on using HandBrake.

NOTE: When assigning a fixed frame rate you may notice a loss of quality in low-lighting situations. Make sure you have good lighting if using a fixed frame rate.